Emblematic of Barber’s paintings are the organic layered forms and textural variations visible on the painting’s surface. For the most part, Barber’s poured paint process is spontaneous, allowing for incidental reactions to occur between the various mediums utilized. Graphite and oil pastel mark making is visible among the organic shapes whose color palettes are inspired by the seasonal changes.



In the artist’s own words “There is always abstraction in my paintings no matter what the subject matter is. Nature provides organic, compelling shapes. Usually, drawing is the starting point consisting of ambiguous elements that add depth to the painting.”


The artist’s work is represented in Europe and throughout the United States.


Selected Corporate Commissions and Permanent Collections:


Sibley Hospital, Washington, D.C.​
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
The Four Seasons, Atlanta, GA
The Ritz Carlton, Sarasota, FL
The Cove Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas
Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA
Yale Hospital, New Haven, CT​
​​Wailea Resort, Monkapu Beach, HI​
Archbold Hospital, Thomasville, GA​​
Cosmopolitan Resort Casino, Las Vegas, NV​
Athero Genex, Alpharetta, GA